azalia on OpenBSD

Hi. I'm working on improving azalia(4). This means I need *A LOT* of testing and feedback about the planned changes. This page is an attempt to make it easier to test and provide that feedback. Below are the current patches that need to be tested, along with prebuilt kernels.

For more information about the general plan with azalia, why feedback is important, and how to use these patches and kernels, please see this article and it's discussion at the OpenBSD Journal: Call for testers - jakemsr@ requests dmesgs and mixerctl output.

In all cases, please provide a complete dmesg and the output of 'mixerctl -v'.

Please only test with 1 of these patches at a time. If you test multiple patches (yes, if they are available, do that!!!) please send separate reports for each patch. This will make it much easier for me to get the information I need.

Where to send test results and feedback

Patches to be tested

Kernels with the above patches